6Essential Electronic Keys to Receive When Handing Over Your Website

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As you receive the final iteration of your website development project from the programmer, ensuring you possess all the essential electronic keys is paramount to its seamless operation and future support. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive checklist to guide you through the website review process, ensuring its completeness and integrity.

The 6 Essential Electronic Keys:

Access Information:

Ensure you obtain all access credentials to your website’s control panel, including usernames and passwords. These details are necessary for logging into the control panel to manage content and settings.

Database Backup:

Request a backup copy of your website’s database. This backup is crucial in case of technical issues or data loss, as it can be used to restore information.

Project Files:

Request a complete copy of the project files, including code files and static files such as images, videos, and documents. These files should be available to enable you to make modifications or updates in the future.

Settings and Configurations:

Ensure you receive all settings and configurations configured by the programmer for the website, such as email settings, subscriptions, and online payment settings. This data is essential for maintaining proper functionality.

Certificates and Licenses:

Ensure you obtain copies of all necessary certificates and licenses to use the resources and tools used in developing the website. You may need these documents in the future to document your privileges.

Technical Support and Documentation:

Request ongoing technical support from the programmer regarding any technical issues or questions that may arise in the future. Additionally, ensure you receive comprehensive documentation of all processes and configurations implemented on the website.

By guaranteeing you receive these essential electronic keys, you will be prepared to tackle any potential challenges in the future of your website.

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